I have web design and building expereince with WordPress websites, like this one, and also have skills in html/css coding.

You may have seen those glossy adverts that make DIY click and drag web design look like super easy fun.

Some of these web builders are indeed quite easy to use, but they also may not rank as highly in search results because of the inefficient coding they contain to make them easy to use.  Professional web builders don’t reckon much to anything other than WordPress.

WordPress is the longest-established DIY website builder. It’s an open source programme, built and improved on by a community of experts, and made available for free. It’s well-known and very reputable.

However, WordPress can take a bit of figuring out.  Especially if you don’t know what all the click and drag functions actually do.  And you need to learn how to get your pictures exactly where you want them.

You also don’t know what you don’t know. There is more to building a great website than what is in the ‘box’ when you open it.

There are many helpful plugins that ‘smush’ your images and other data to make pages load faster.  You may want to add popups for mailing list sign ups, social media links, exit intent popups.  

There are things plugins can’t help you with too, like writing content that effectively markets your product or service, and reminding you to SEO your images.

DIY can mean you take months to get your site live.  A website is a great place to build engaging and helpful content to sell your business, so time spent without one is lost trade.

When something goes wrong with your site, you need to know enough about what you’re doing to speak to the technical helpdesk – to even get to the right department in the first place.  

You may think you’re saving time and money in using a DIY website builder, but if your time could be put to better use, you probably aren’t.  You need solid foundations for your business, so the wisest use of any tight budget is on building those. Great branding and a usable, informative, professional website are what will induce customers to buy your products.

If every penny counts and you need to DIY but don’t want the hassle of actually doing it yourself, I offer affordable web design for £280.

A website for £280 is one that is information-based, rather than e-commerce.  It will include a homepage and subsequent top-level pages depending on your needs.  I can advise on additional work, and refer you to excellent specialists if required.  Domain name and hosting isn’t included but prices are usually about £150.

I also provide adhoc advice and assistance with your DIY WordPress site for £25 an hour.