Independent reviews

Content Marketing

Judith Sheila Dawson, Artist and Owner of, says:
"I have a degree in art so I'm used to describing my work and inspiration but it's very different marketing your work. 
Alison has finessed the layout of my website and analysed my product descriptions.  She really gets the 'feel' of each product and uses persuasive wording to create the exact impression I'm aiming for. Alison has also devised a marketing strategy that has seen my sales increase and will help me maximise my advertising spend and improve value for my customers.
Alison researches and writes a regular blog for me on topics of her own choosing, sources copyright-free images, and uploads it directly to my website for me, optimising it for human readers and search engines.
Alison also handles promoting it and other content and products on social media."
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A screenshot of the blog post I wrote for on what to wear at wimbledon
Guest blog and membership communications

Scottish Law Librarians Group

David Brown and Faye Cook, Convenors of the SLLG say:
"Alison is expert at improving group communications into precise, easy to understand missives and have them “pop!” when needed. Alison showed us that brevity in writing does not need to come at the cost of warmth and she has a knack for modern phrasing without it coming over clichéd.
Alison's news bulletins, blogs, policies and event advertisements all had clarity, a smooth tone and flow, and consistency. 
Alison’s approach is cooperative and generous. Her suggestions are never short of constructive. Alison worked at pace and with a decisiveness all committees and collaborations sometimes require."
SEO website content

Lindley Composite Doors

I was commissioned by the company's web designers to write 800 words of informative content with Calls to Action, optimised for the search term "composite doors Leeds" and excellent readability for both search engines and human audiences.
seo website content example for a doors website
example of a travel blogger article

Nevis Adventures

A new travel company specialising in holidays to Nevis commissioned me to write a blog and I suggested sea turtles and ecotourism in Nevis.

Scots Law Blog

A guest blog on Scots law speculating that a new "Consumer Scotland " agency is doomed to failure since the recently launched Scottish Government consultation shows it is aiming far lower than the Working Group recommended 3 years ago and given the recent history of such bodies in the UK.

Health and wellbeing blogger example
Health and Wellbeing Guest Blog

Fall into Place

A blog looking at the importance of wellbeing, recent research on the impact of creativity on wellbeing and my own experiences.  It incites workplaces to provide wellbeing programmes, and encourages employees to ensure they look after themselves by taking them up.  It rounds off with a call to action as Fall into Place is a provider of such programmes.
A picture of the front and back cover of the short story anthology The Journey
A picture of my short story in the anthology The Journey


"The Journey" - anthology

Maggie McGeary, Editor "The Journey" says:
"Alison recently contributed her considerable talents to my anthology project "The Journey".  Not only did she write a compelling, stand-out piece which responded directly to the brief, Alison also made it easy for me as editor. She submitted punctually and actively engaged with the review process, responding promptly and positively to any minor queries arising during typesetting. 
In working with her, it was apparent to me that Alison applies the same high level of dedication, commitment and passion for writing for which she has always been known. Having been familiar with the range of her work for many years, I can confidently recommend Alison for her unique combination of creative ability, determined work ethic and her critical eye. 
 As well as producing interesting and engaging creative work, Alison uses her linguistic knowledge and skills of discernment to great success in her professional writing, really drilling to the heart of the message and drawing from a wealth of business experiences to deliver results."
Client articles and brochures

DLA Piper

I ghostwrote legislation summaries for external publication by the partners - see here.

I compiled an annually-produced brochure that was emailed to a list of subscribers and published on the website - see here.

I was also project lead on a fundraising recipe book, responsible for proofreading, design and layout (as well as production and distribution).