Marketing services

  • Performing a marketing audit – looking at the external and internal environmental factors, organisational SWOT analyses.
  • Creating, implementing and adjusting your marketing strategy.
  • Market research through online survey design, and recommendations for specialist agencies for more indepth requirements.
  • Mailing list management, WordPress website sign-up box, and email newsletter design and scheduling.
  • Media buying:
    • Advert and campaign design.
    • Promotional videos.
    • Researching appropriate and cost effective print and digital media.
    • Maximising effect by running competitions for heightened exposure and mailing list data, and appearing in festive ‘Gift Ideas’ features for no added cost.
    • Price negotations.
  • Influencer sourcing – finding and liasing with bloggers with great DA/PA scores for their site, high quality writing and imagery, and high engagement from readers.
  • Social Media advice or management:
    • Using searches and automated alerts to identify trends, news stories and posts for you to comment on.
    • Writing attention-grabbing, insightful posts, or ones angled to promote your business.
    • Researching appropriate hashtags.
    • Using URL shorteners.
    • Using social media management tools to schedule automated posts.
    • Networking on Twitter “business hours” and provision of useful lists and times for DIY.
    • Provision of lists of Retweet accounts to build your algorithm standing through increased impressions and RTs.
  • Chatbots:
    • Advice on the best chatbot for automating responses to customer questions on your website and/or Facebook page and Messenger. 
    • Build and maintain bots and send promotional communications using free or cheap off-the-shelf chatbots.
  • Improving your website for SEO and user experience through branding, imagery, written content, and navigation/functionality.
  • Analysing the impact of communications and website effectiveness through Google Analytics and social media insight tools.
  • Writing press releases.
  • Blog writing for your website.

Brand awareness portfolio

how to advertise in magazines

Advert for The York Press

how to design an advert for a holiday company

Back page advert in The Cricketer

how to run a magazine competition

J Life Giveaways - generating 3000 entries, 1300 consents to receive marketing, and many more print, website and social media impressions - all for just £350!

how to get featured in magazine gift idea lists

Gift ideas feature and ad in The JC

Website improvement for SEO and sales

Example of web page before adding SEO copy. The garage wanted to rank organically on page one of Google. The word count was only 192, under the recommended 300 words, and there were no internal or external links. 

The page was also frustrating for the customer as it was slow to load, there was no obvious pricing, and no information about all the great services the garage offered.

How a website page looked before adding SEO copy

Example of web page after adding SEO copy. Without even starting on improving the domain authority, my on and off-page SEO ranked the site organically on page 1 of Google for a search on ‘mot leeds city centre’.

photoshop skills example

Seasonal logo changes and social media posts

how to advertise in magazines
Temporary logo design change for special occasions

Case study video

Working with raw footage from an external video agency, I created a story for a case study, and directed the editing. I created a YouTube channel and added subtitles.

Informational video

Using a simple video editor I re-cut an existing video and added captions to create a short video on the client’s screenprinting process for insertion into blogs and social media etc.

Promotional videos from still images