Examples of Copywriting

SEO website content


Lemon Lettings

The estate agency directors gave me 12 longtail keywords each requiring 600 words of content and meta data.  I came up with ideas for relevant content to write around the search terms, and researched facts where required.   

SEO website content

I was commissioned by the company’s web designers to write 800 words of informative content with Calls to Action, optimised for the search term “composite doors Leeds” and excellent readability for both search engines and human audiences.



Scots Law Blog

A guest blog on Scots law speculating that a new “Consumer Scotland ” agency is doomed to failure since the recently launched Scottish Government consultation shows it is aiming far lower than the Working Group recommended 3 years ago and given the recent history of such bodies in the UK.

Health and Wellbeing Guest Blog

Fall into PlaceHealth and wellbeing blogger example

A blog looking at the importance of wellbeing, recent research on the impact of creativity on wellbeing and my own experiences.  It incites workplaces to provide wellbeing programmes, and encourages employees to ensure they look after themselves by taking them up.  It rounds off with a call to action as Fall into Place is a provider of such programmes.

What is copywriting?

You may have heard the term “copywriting” (not to be confused with “copyright”; the protection of work) but what does writing copy mean?  Copywriting means writing text (“copy”) for advertising, promotional, or educational or informative materials and media.  This may involve writing ad copy, brochures, catalogues, sales letters and direct mail, blogs and social media posts, white papers, industry reports, case studies, email marketing campaigns, website content, etc.

What is content writing?

This term is often interchanged with “copywriting”.

Image of woman copy writing

Sometimes the term “content writing” is used to mean internet writing, which might also be known as “web copywriting”. Writing for the web involves additional skills in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), driving the conversion of site visitors to purchasers, and reducing website bounce rates, when visitors leave quickly. These writers may also be known as “digital copywriters”.

There is a different school of thought which defines content writers as people who write for the purpose of information provision, whereas the aim of copywriting is to elicit an action or reaction from the reader.

Ultimately, distinctions between the terms are irrelevant as long as your writer can meet your brief, whatever it is that you need.

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What does a copywriter or content writer do?

A copywriter uses their business writing skills to provide you with the best corporate communications, the best sales copy, or other marketing materials or information whilst retaining your own or your company’s branding, style, and tone of voice.

A copywriter does much more than just write. In fact writing comprises only a small part of any

assignment. A copywriter spends the majority of their time researching your brief or subject from authoritative sources, identifying and obtaining suitable images (with usage rights), and formatting, proofreading and editing their resulting work to maximise its effect.

A copywriter may be involved in more than a stand-alone piece of work; they may project manage an overhaul of all your company communications or plan and implement entire marketing campaigns.

A copywriter writing web contentWhat are copywriting skills?

Everyone can write, but writing copy that is effective and optimised for great user experience and search engine rankings requires specific skills.

As well as having impeccable spelling and grammar, good written copy should be easy for the user to read, fully informative but concise, well-structured, attention grabbing, and compelling.

Who hires a copywriter?

In short, any business, service, or organisation which wants to build a quality brand recognises that great copy on their website, and in their marketing communications, social media, or other business communications is essential for gaining consumer interest, increasing click-through rates, and driving sales.

There is so much online content now that content optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation are vital components of an effective online presence or marketing campaign, and copywriters who are skilled in SEO content writing are particularly in demand.

Screwed up pages from someone who doesn't know how to write good copyMost large organisations who need to promote their brand in order to gain new business or repeat custom hire in-house copywriters as part of their marketing teams.

Smaller organisations hire freelance copywriters, either on short-term contracts to complete a specific project, or by the day as needed.

For smaller jobs content writers charge by the hour or task.

Whilst copywriting is aimed to promote ideas, products or services, copywriters are highly skilled in all aspects of writing and so individuals may also hire freelance writers to ghostwrite their novel, their personal statement for university, their résumé, or to proofread essays, dissertations and theses.

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