Please note, by commissioning me to carry out work for you, you are agreeing to the terms and conditons at the bottom of this page.

What’ll it cost?

Many structures are available to suit your needs. Eg:

  • Hourly – £25
  • Daily – £140 (multiples of 7 hours = £20 per hour)
  • Capped
  • Job-based (see below)
  • Discount packages (see below)
  • Per-word proofreading and editing – 3p
My prices are extremely competitive as I have minimal overheads and genuinely want to help small businesses with tight budgets.
This in no way reflects my skill or the quality of the work and care and attention that you receive.-

Five pounds rolled into a mug showing how low cost and affordable Dipitus Writing Services is

Copywriting jobs and discount packages

Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising.  It’s also a great way to boost search engine rankings.  So writing blogs is a highly cost-effective means of marketing your business.

Examples of job-based costs are:

  • SEO Blog or webpage (600-800 words researched and written) – £75
  • Social media posts – £10 each

Examples of discount packages:

  • 4 SEO blogs or pages – £260 (reduced from £300)
  • 8 SEO blogs or pages – £500 (reduced from £600)
  • 12 SEO blogs or pages – £750 (reduced from £900) 
Optional extras:
  • Licensed images – £10 per blog
  • Html-coded blog (for rapid self-publishing) – £10 per blog

Website building

£280 / from £20 per hour

DIY websites are made to look easy but they’re not.

I have experience building WordPress websites, like this one, and also have skills in html/css coding.

A basic website for £280 is information-based, rather than e-commerce.  It will include a homepage, 2 subsequent top-level pages such as About and Contact Us (depending on your needs), and SEO content.  There will also be a page for Blog posts, a standard Privacy Policy, and any Ts and Cs you supply. 

I can quote you for larger sites, or e-commerce sites.  I can also refer you to excellent web specialists if needs are more complex.

Domain names and hosting aren’t included, but I can purchase these for you (approx £150).

I also provide adhoc assistance with your existing WordPress website from £20 an hour.

Advisory Report

Starting at £50 depending on quantity of materials.

I can analyse your existing communications such as your website, emails, blogs, brochures, social media and adverts and write an advisory report with recommendations.

Your business, your vision, your voice

Your voice is your first USP (unique selling point) so I prefer to have a verbal chat with you to get a feel for who you are, what your business does, what it means to you and what you want to achieve.

Once I have your brief, I will write your content specifically for you so it sounds like you and stays true to your vision.

Terms and Conditions


There is a £50 minimum charge per job/invoice.

I’m not big enough to be registered for VAT.  My payment terms are 7 days from the invoice date.

Hourly rates are rounded up to the nearest quarter hour.

For jobs priced above £75, I will invoice for half of the agreed amount upfront.  I won’t start work until I receive this payment.

I will invoice for the balance once the work has been completed (including changes as below).  If I have not received any feedback or comments within two weeks of submitting work to you (at any stage – the initial draft or subsequent edits), I will consider the work has been completed to your satisfaction and will send my final invoice.


Deadlines are important to me, and to you.  Please ensure you supply information/materials, feedback, and payment on time.  I can’t help missing a deadline if you do.

Changes and revisions

For fixed-price agreements, edits and rewrites are limited to basic changes equal to 1 hour’s worth.  This is only offered until the point where you sign off my work, publish it or begin using it on your live website.

For proofreading and editing, I will re-read your amended copy and suggest any further changes as necessary.

All other amends will be charged at an hourly rate of £20.


Once full and final payment is received, copyright of the work I produce is automatically assigned to you.  Until then, copyright of the work remains with me.

I do reserve the right to display and link to your completed project as part of my online portfolio. (Though this is good for your Google ranking.)

If I have not received any feedback or comments within two weeks of submitting work to you (at any stage – the initial draft or subsequent edits), I will assume you are happy the work has been completed and will invoice for the remaining balance.


If you wish to cancel after agreeing that I start work, I reserve the right to charge for any work that I have already done.

In the event that I have lost other work in the expectation of working for you, I will provide evidence of the financial loss and charge you the total cost that we had agreed on.


I will do my best to ensure all facts and statements in my work are true and that it doesn’t infringe upon any copyright or other right of a third party.

However, I can’t be liable to you, or any third party, for damages, including lost profits, lost savings, complaints, claims, litigation or other incidental, consequential or special damages which arise regarding this assignment.