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I can create strategies and plans for marketing and SEO, end-to-end campaigns including graphics and videos, operate your social media accounts, write press releases for link building and awareness campaigns, and research the best options for, and negotiate purchase of advertising.  Above all, I will analyse what you want to achieve, optimal methods, and how to evaluate the success of our efforts.


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I’m experienced in researching and writing text for websites, blogs, social media, press releases, e-newsletters, online surveys, advertisements and other marketing materials. My copy is optimised for human persuasiveness and SEO.


How a Chatbot can help your business
I can advise on, or even build, the best chatbot for automating responses to customer questions on your website and/or Facebook page.  Chatbots are also the best way to reach and convert your contacts if you have a lot of communication with customers on Messenger.  With free or low cost off-the-shelf chatbots, they are the marketing tool you shouldn’t be without.


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I can create websites using my WordPress, SEO, and HTML and CSS skills.  I can also improve your existing content, navigation, and user experience, and research longtail keyword phrases, phrase search volumes and user intent to optimise your search engine rankings.

More about me and my services

Using my qualifications and experience in marketing, research, web design, information management, communications and a lifelong love of the written word, I offer affordable marketing services for small businesses.  Continue reading…